About OCBN

About OCBN

  • The Overseas Community Business Network (OCBN) was launched by the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) in 2011 to accommodate the needs of the Overseas Compatriot businessmen in the internet era. The OCBN is designed to provide user with (1) the most up-to-date economic and trade information, (2) e-communication platform, (3) global human resource matching services, and (4) interactive website for lifelong learning. Our services include:


  • This section includes the following: (1)a brief introduction to the economic policies of Taiwan Government such as the Golden Decade and the Economic Power-Up Plan,(2)useful laws and regulations for doing business in Taiwan,(3)the Overseas Compatriot Economy Yearbook,(4)Overseas Compatriot Financial Assistance, and (5)Outstanding Overseas Compatriot Businessmen.

    1. Information on events includes the Overseas Economics and Trade Seminar Tour, Economic and Trade workshops in Taiwan, and more.
    2. Online Courses offer up to 44 different types of video instructions on topics such as Business Management and Culinary.
    3. Alumni center provides lecture notes from past courses, as well as photos and testimonials  from alumni. The platform provides interactive service for students and alumni around the world.
  • This section will provide the contact information of the overseas chambers of commerce as well as details on annual meetings and events such as charity activities sponsored by the chambers. Real time information on the Taiwanese chambers of commerce around the world is also available. By integrating aforementioned information, we aim to create a user friendly environment for networking between different chambers of commerce. Each chamber can also apply to set up its own website, with the option to use the OCBN default template for the website. The website will be a great place for members to interact with each other.

  • Job Portal is a multipurpose job database site. Its aim is to assist job seekers to publicize their resumes, and to help Taiwanese and Overseas Compatriot companies to search for volunteers and talents.

  • This section will provide a stage where Taiwanese and Overseas Compatriot companies can announce their newest products or share business opportunities. Users can search for country-specific and industry-specific information . The Center aims at sharing the latest information with both Taiwanese companies and international companies.

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